Resurfacing concrete brings a new look to older concrete for a fraction of the cost.

Don't Replace Concrete - Resurface It!Resurfacing concrete gives your patio, pool deck, and porch/walk resistance to stains, mold/mildew, UV rays, and freeze/thaw. There are strict principles/practices followed during each step of the decorative concrete process.

  • The concrete surface must be properly etched or mechanically abraded. This will allow the vinyl polymers in the cementitious¬†coating to penetrate the existing surface and create an ultimate bond. This creates a new surface.
  • We use acrylic colorants to color integrate the coating based on the desired look of the finished product. We can match colors of materials such as brick or siding on your home to make the new resurfaced color blend in with your home.
  • We utilize several techniques to give our customers that “personal” look they desire for their home; such as giving your concrete the look of stone, brick, tile, slate, aggregate or even traditional resurface concrete by utilizing methods; such as grinding, etching, taped/stenciled patterns and various hopper gun techniques.
  • Finally, we seal the project with a high-quality acrylic or epoxy sealer.

Decorative concrete has been a growing industry for 30+ years.

We have taken the industry’s success and passed it on to our customers through research, experience and thousands of concrete overlay installations. The benefits of our decorative concrete experience and services are huge.

  • We eliminate the need for you to tear out and replace existing concrete just because you have less than perfect concrete, you want to change the shape, size, color or texture of your concrete or you just want a new look. Compare our cost of $4-$5 per sq.foot to that of having new concrete poured.
  • We give you cost-effective choices to achieve the look of tile, stone, slate, aggregate, brick and traditional resurface concrete with our concrete overlays and techniques. Compare our cost of $4-$5 per sq. Foot to other applications.
  • We give you the chance to customize your concrete surface while also making them 30-40% cooler than concrete, stain and mildew resistant and UV ray resistant.

“The bottom line is that they do not use a cookie cutter applications that offer you few choices of colors or patterns. They will work with you to achieve the look or style you desire even if it is something you have only seen on TV or in a picture. We wanted the look of Epoxy Stone and we were able to get our patio, porch and walk done for the cost of what the other bids wanted for our patio only. Ed and Patti Collins of Imperial MO.”

Benefits of using Surface Concepts

  • We are a locally owned company and have years of experience.
  • We offer only top of the industry products and services.
  • We offer a 10-year residential warranty.

Resurface concrete using our overlay technique

If you want to resurface concrete, then you are in good hands as we’ve developed a concrete overlay technique that mimics traditional resurface concrete. The only difference is without the cost and mess of tearing out your existing concrete. We can even do partial slab replacement, add to your existing concrete, then resurface all for a fraction of the cost of what resurface concrete would cost you.

Our epoxy concrete is surpassing industry standards

Surface Concepts Inc. has surpassed industry standards with its techniques of epoxy concrete. We utilize acid staining, pigmented sealers, and even various color washing techniques whether concrete resurfacing for your pool deck, patio, driveway, garage floor, porch/walk or basement floor we offer different options for epoxy concrete that paves the way for your desired look.

A few of our epoxy concrete styles even benefit from our own “discovery” of what we call “antiquing.” It’s another benefit passed on to our customers due to years of experience and the desire for our work to be above and beyond our competition. All of our projects are sealed for protection and years of enjoyment!

Surface Concepts Inc. has years of experience in basement flooring. The owners Steve and Rick Fuller will be the ones who will complete your free estimate and will be the ones who will complete your project. You will have input in the project because we will be there.

Contact us to discuss your next project – we look forward to serving you.