Reasons that Customers Choose to Resurface Concrete

I used to love watching 60 Minutes when Andy Rooney would come on and say “Did you ever wonder?” He would go on to explain something that I had never really thought about before and it was usually captivating and I would think that it was really cool that he seemed to have such a grip on other people’s curiosity. Of course, except for the cat myth issue, curiosity is usually a good thing so I recently asked myself a question hoping to find a real answer.

Did you ever wonder why people resurface concrete? Someone I respect once told me, “there are two reasons people do things, hope of gain and fear of loss.” Wow, on the surface, no pun intended, that seems a bit out there when talking about a concrete porch or pool. But if you think about it, there are some truths that can apply here.

Resurface the Old Porch to Increase Your Homes Value & Curb Appeal

Concrete ResurfacingPeople spend small fortunes on their lawns and landscaping to gain the advantage over the Jones’ next door but leave the front porch stained and cracked from the builders who poured that porch on the first day of construction. A simple gain here is to resurface that old porch or patio and let the Jones’ marvel at how custom that porch can look. A simple brick pattern or an aggregate coating can add value and curb appeal to an already beautiful home.

People also spend large sums of dollars on pools and patios and they want the investment to hold it’s value or appreciate over time. A pool is definitely an investment and part of the upkeep of a pool is taking care of the decking. Why not be proactive with the decking and resurface or seal the concrete? Quick answer is they do.

Concrete Resurfacing has Become the Norm when Improving the Look of Concrete

Avoid the mess and cost of tearing out what is there. It is wonderful when I hear from an old customer who we did a project for 10 years ago and they have moved on to a new subdivision or city and one thing they realize is “wow” this concrete is not like the nice resurfaced concrete we had at our previous home. They realize the value in the work that we did for them and that is satisfying to a business owner. So in closing I want to thank Andy for the years of nurturing my curiosity and Surface Concepts will continue to add value and guard against loss for anyone keeping up with the Jones’. Thank you.

Rick Fuller