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Concrete Flooring – Decorative Concrete

Surface Concepts has been an innovator in installing concrete surface applications and has experience in flooring services including epoxy flooring, concrete staining, colored concrete and concrete overlays. Concrete flooring indoors has its own list of issues that must be addressed such as what is currently on the floor like paint, tile and or carpet that may have glue residue. Most projects include removal of this first and then we help you achieve a floor coating that will last and also giving you a wide selection of choices. Moisture is not an issue with our coatings as our products become a part of your floor by penetrating the concrete and are not just surface applications.

Permanent concrete flooring regardless of wet or damp conditions.

Not like paint that peals or carpet that soaks or tile that is too expensive or delaminates.

Concrete flooring is being utilized in and around homes and businesses today for a wide array of reasons including aesthetics, environmental, functionality and protection of the substrate. Concrete staining and concrete overlays are great options for basement floors. Bare concrete is porous and allows for an unsanitary dusting affect, but our decorative concrete solutions go right over your floor with the look of ceramic tile (any size), acid staining, and various combinations of color or styles.

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These floors are seamless, stainless, impervious to water and guaranteed not to come off.

  • Design your basement floor with the look of tile, slate, stone, PVA with vinyl flakes or an epoxy sealer.
  • Never worry about wet or damp conditions affecting your flooring.
  • Compare our cost of $5-$6 per sq. foot to other options that will ultimately wear or delaminate.

“Surface Concepts resurfaced our basement floor last year with a cementious coating. We gave them a 12 inch piece of tile from a store as a sample and they gave us a 34 inch diagonal tile pattern that matched the sample tile color and looks awesome. We had water in our basement again this spring and all we had to do was vac it up and it was as good as new.” Jack and Kim Walker of Kirkwood MO..

The concrete flooring industry offers a wide array of product choices, look/styles and colors.

Surface Concepts Inc. will help you decide which option will best meet your needs. We have many flooring products such as epoxies, urethanes, acrylics and decorative cementious coatings. For instance, a seamless ceramic tile look is very popular for a basement floor. Your floor will never be damaged by water in your basement again and you will have a more durable surface than any other flooring material. Average total cost to you is $5-$6 per sq. foot and is permanent.

Commercial – Industrial Coatings, Repairs and Restoration – Yes We Support Them All

Surface Concepts Inc. has years of experience in decorative concrete and concrete flooring. The owners Steve and Rick Fuller will be the ones who will complete your free estimate and will be the ones who will complete your project. You will have input in the project because we will be there.

Give us a call to discuss your next project – we look forward to serving you.

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